Nucs: Best Option When Entering Beekeeping

Nucs, or Nucleus Colonies, are small honey bee colonies created from larger colonies. Nucs are a huge gain over packaged bees for beginning beekeepers, because the bees will already have comb built with pollen, honey, and brood (baby bees) hatching, and an established queen. When entering beekeeping it is recommended to start with 2 hives.


Beekeepers Check List:

Smoker, Gloves, EZ Pry Hive Tool, Bee Feeder, Beetle Trap, Vented Jacket with Hood (Keeps you cooler than the rest), Wood ware, Frames, Inner Cover, Lid, Screen Bottom Board (A must in combating mites), Oh…. And Bees from Sarasota Honey Company!!!


Tips: How to Find the Queen

Use minimal smoke.  She is usually not on combs of honey or nectar.  Look for frames with larvae and eggs. The queen is longer and has different coloring. Her wings do not go all the way to the back of her abdomen. Workers part the way for her as she goes by and face her when she stops. She prefers the dark side of the frame

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